Piotr Dumitrescu - Carpenter

“I know I can trust BouwGenius.
The office has a clear way to communicate with me. If you need help BouwGenius will always do their best. Holland is excellent country to work in. If you want to start working abroad as a carpenter I recommend BouwGenius for you. You won’t have any problems and you will have a lot of work. I have always received my salary on time and without any issues.”

Rodney van Es - Carpenter

“New experiences everyday; that’s what I like about working for BouwGenius.
Oh, and getting paid a good salary and on time too – that’s even better! Everything is well organised at BouwGenius and they are very involved with their employees. They know what is happening out in the field and they keep in close contact with you. It’s really reassuring to see that the company really cares about it’s employees.”

Chris Rijneveld - Work planner

“Continuity – that’s what BouwGenius means to me. They provide me with interesting projects, which lead to many new opportunities!
There’s always more than enough work and i’ts great to be instructed by professionals who have lots of experience and knowledge. I like that I always know that I have a stable income and that there are no surprises.”

Fred Sneek - Shuttering Carpenter

“BouwGenius gave me the opportunity to get back to work.

I had tried applying for jobs everywhere but I couldn’t get any work. Then I spoke to BouwGenius and had an instant connection. I could start working with BouwGenius straight away and I’ve been working for the same employer ever since! I’m still very happy. I felt a connection there too!”