BouwGenius holds the necessary certification for good quality management. This is one of the areas in which BouwGenius delivers added value, offering our clients peace of mind.

For some of our clients this certification is a good supplement to their own CSR goals, and for BouwGenius employees the certification offers reassurance for their own safety. One way in which this binding condition for safety is expressed is in the compliance with quality standards and regulations. In cases of labour mobility, for example, the quality of the accommodation is also monitored.

We also ensure a safe workplace by providing the required safety training and monitoring our employees. Safety clothing and the correct instruction should work to minimize the risks inherent in the work environment. Separate training is given for our employees working for clients with specific safety instructions.

The quality we offer also extends into the financial realm: we monitor the payment of income taxes and national insurance contributions, and BouwGenius has never missed a tax return. The certification and registrations relevant to BouwGenius are outlined below:



BouwGenius is a member of the Dutch Association of Mediation and Temporary Employment Agencies (Nederlands Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen, NBBU). The NBBU is the leading representative of more than 700 specialist employment agencies in the Netherlands. As a member of the NBBU, we satisfy the NEN 4400 standard and undergo periodical screening. This quality mark indicates that an employment agency satisfies all legislation and regulations with regard to staffing and salary administration.

Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA)

BouwGenius has been awarded Labour Standards Foundation (Stichting Normering Arbeid, SNA) certification. The aim of the foundation is to limit the strict liability of employers who hire temporary staff for not paying taxes and national insurance contributions. Employment agencies with SNA certification pay income tax and VAT in full and on time. As a client, you bear indirect responsibility for these payments, and TecLine’s SNA certification offers you welcome peace of mind.


BouwGenius is VCU certified. VCU is the abbreviation for Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment and Secondment Agencies (Veiligheids en gezondheids Checklist Uitzend- en detacheringbureaus). The VCU certificate is for employment agencies that provide temporary employees to companies with VCA certification – those that conduct increased-risk activities in high-risk environments such as factories, installations, workshops and large construction sites. All of BouwGenius’ carpenters are certified, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.


BouwGenius is registered with the Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards (Stichting Normering Flexwonen). The aim of this foundation is to assure those involved with the accommodation of labour migrants that the accommodation is monitored and is of a proper standard.

This is a significant concern related to the well-being of BouwGenius employees, both in regard to CSR and for BouwGenius’s clients in general.