We always have numerous appealing jobs available for skilled carpenters. Our recruiters will be keen to meet you and discuss the options of a job in the Netherlands with you.

Register now and we will arrange a meeting with one of our local BouwGenius recruiters, who will provide you detailed information on our clients’ varied projects. BouwGenius’ clients are active in a variety of sectors.

Depending on the available vacancies and your CV, you will be assigned to different types of project. We offer you the opportunity to gain valuable cross-sector experience or to head directly into your chosen sector. Regardless of the path you choose, a meeting with a BouwGenius recruiter is a must! Our specialist recruiters have the latest information about all our activity in the Netherlands.

Long-term projects, high-profile clients

At BouwGenius you get to work for high-profile clients in the Netherlands. They offer you long-term jobs on both large and small projects. Great for job security!

Consider, for example, the complete renovation of a monumental house. Our carpenters regularly work on such projects, focusing on shuttering work and all-round carpentry.

We have a firmly established relationship with our clients and our employees often play a major part in their projects. They frequently request for the specific specialisms and experience of BouwGenius’ carpenters.

Hassle-free employment

When you choose to work for BouwGenius we want you to be able to focus fully on your job. We facilitate this by arranging everything for our employees.

Once the teams have been selected and the client has approved all the candidates, we assume responsibility for all organizational aspects:

  • all the required paperwork
  • courses and training
  • overnight accommodation
  • transportation to the job site
  • contact details

Any other specific details are also forwarded via email or SMS messages. It couldn’t be easier!

Transparent approach

BouwGenius provides experts for projects in the Netherlands. You will always work in a team with at least two colleagues, so you will never be left on your own and you can always count on the expertise of the other team members. That makes for a very enjoyable working experience!

All the terms of employment and regulations are discussed with you in advance, so you know exactly where you stand. BouwGenius organizes required accommodation close to the location of your project and transportation. Any necessary hand tools and appropriate work wear are your responsibility, but BouwGenius offers excellent transport and expenses allowances to help cover these costs.

BouwGenius also arranges any necessary safety training and courses. On-site internet is available, although a small fee is charged for personal use. BouwGenius is dedicated to making life easy for its experts, allowing them to focus fully on their work.